GTA V: GT500 and Air Quota out now!

Jan 16, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1261)

GameLust Quickie

Take to the streets with the new stylish Grotti GT500. Legendary Motorsport gives you the opportunity to look like a complete baller while gunning down hoes all around town. If you wanted to take up your dogfighting skills to the next level, then Air Quota is just for you. GTA V has added a new mode where 16 players of 4 teams can take to the skies in different ariel vehicles to fight it out. Prepare to get your ass splattered everywhere as some players may be living the thug life while you’re just talking it. From now until January 22nd, you will be able to earn double the cash and reputation so get started now! For all my discount lovers out there, you’ll be seeing a decrease in the price for many options in the game. You will get a 25% discount on Facility Styles, Facility Graphics, Security Room, Buckingham Pyro, and HVY Nightshark! With the high price of everything in the game, this will please a lot of players out there. One last piece of info is the Premium Stunt Race and Time Trial. You’ll earn some extra dough through January 22nd on the “Plummet” Locked to Super Premium Stunt Race and the “Tongva Valley” Time Trial. Check out these sweet new additions while you can guys! Peace!



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