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Games with Gold for June 2017 Announced

Microsoft has announced the latest additions to the Games with Gold program for June 2017. In a bit of a change from the norm, Microsoft has posted the latest Games with Gold freebies on YouTube. Normally we get these items from Major Nelson via Twitter, though with a big E3 planned in just a few weeks time, it is understandable that Mr Hyrb would be busy.

The month starts off with an indie title, Speed Runners(June 1-30), on Xbox One and Assassin’s Creed III(June 1-15) on Xbox 360. Things only get better towards the end of the month with Watch Dogs(June 16-July 15) being added on Xbox One, and Dragon Age: Origins(June 15-30) on Xbox 360.

With the addition of Assassin’s Creed III, this would be the fifth time that an Assassin’s Creed game has been given out free to Xbox Live subscribers, and the fourth this generation. As always, both Xbox 360 games will also be playable on the Xbox One console.

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