Game Publishers On Board With Xbox One Backwards Compatibility.

Aug 4, 15  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

At Gamescom today during the Xbox press conference, Microsoft pledged their support for backwards compatibility with all their major franchises from the Xbox 360. In addition, they also listed several developers who are also on board with their plan for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. This list would include the following…

  1. Bandai Namco
  2. Bethesda
  3. Deep Silver
  4. Disney
  5. Majesco
  6. Electronic Arts
  7. Sega
  8. Square-Enix
  9. 2k Games
  10. Capcom
  11. UbiSoft
  12. Koei-Tecmo
  13. Codemasters
  14. Warner Brothers Interactive

The one obvious omission would be Activision. While you might also notice that Rockstar Games is not on the list, if you consider that 2k Games is owned by the same parent company as Rockstar, it is pretty safe to surmise that much of the games published by Take-Two or its partners will have a higher chance of supporting backwards compatibility. Activision on the other hand has not been mentioned, even though 5 of the top 10 most requested games are published by them.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility will debut this November 2015 with over 100 titles available on day one, with hundreds more titles to come.

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