Game Companies Helping to Fight Australian Bushfires

Jan 21, 20  | posted by Joel Castro (1235)

How you as a gamer can donate to Australian Bushfire Relief

In Australia, a grim situation is ongoing since June of last year. A devastating country-wide bushfire has burned around 18 million acres of land,  devastated many homes, and have left many of Australia’s unique wildlife without a home, and many more have died. The flames are so intense, the smoke has polluted the air across the country. Its effects are felt even in New Zealand. The Australian government, firefighters, and even their military are doing everything they can to fight these apocalyptic blazes. However, it hasn’t been enough to eradicate them.


Regardless of where you live, this affects the world. As a gamer, I know how amazing our community can be in coming together for good causes. It seems that the major companies agree with me, as they are using their fundraising ability to donate to bushfire relief. Ahead is a list of the charities responsible for donating to bushfire relief.


EA Humble Bundle




Ubisoft has donated $30K to the following:

Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund




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