Gamelust QuickieJan 11, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1261)

Battlefield 1: Frontlines Comes to St. Quentin Scar

St. Quentin Scar will now be playable through the Frontline mode. I know many gamers love this map, and the relatively new mode will be great to play on a map like this. If some of you don’t know, Frontlines is a tug of war like mode between the two opposing teams. It’s essentially rush, but prone to switch back and forth depending on which team happens to blow the other’s telegram stations up with flags on opposite sides. It is a dynamic that makes for interesting and realistic gameplay. EA has steadily been adding this mode to maps and Sinai Desert was just before St. Quentin Scar. Go check it out for some new fun!

Seeing as content keeps coming our way, I believe that Battlefield 1 will be played for several years to come. This game offers so much that I know I personally have few complaints. One thing I think would be great is if they gave the game a full and very rich campaign. The small missions were fun, but it didn’t quite get the wow factor that we all seek.

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