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Fortnite: Shooting Test #1 Limited Time Mode

What’s up gamers! Epic Games looks to be taking some steps to fix some of the problems in Fortnite. Here are some concrete changes coming your way to help your game: All weapons will have first-shot accuracy: You’ll see this with a red reticle. You will this in action when you’re standing still, aiming without hip-firing, and when the aim spread is at peak accuracy (when you haven’t fired your weapon for a while). The critical hits for headshots have been reduced. This means that the shotguns went from 250% damage to 150%.

Also, every other weapon’s critical headshot damage will go from 250% to 200%. Some weapons now have damage fall-off. The damage applies at 100% to a fixed range while fall-off starts at varied ranges and decreases to 70% damage. Luckily, sniper rifles, rocket/grenade launchers, and shotguns are unaffected. After this, we see some more balance adjustments. The Semi-Auto Sniper’s damage has been increased to 75/78 from 63/66. The scoped Assault Rifle’s damage has increased to 25/26 from 23/24 while the base damage for all SMGs has been increased to +2. Be sure to give this mode a try! They want to see how all these changes perform and how the players feel about them.



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