Epic Games Store Now Requires 2FA to Claim Free Games

Apr 29, 20  | posted by Alex (2382)

authentication now required

Looking to claim free games from the Epic Games Store? Policies have changed.

Now you’ll need to have set up two-factor authentication on your account in order to nab freebies each week as part of Epic’s new security policy.

Announced in a blog post on the Epic Games website, the company announced that they are looking to “encourage our players to take steps to strengthen their Epic account security”. This means that between April 28th and May 21st, you’ll be asked to enable two-factor authentication before claiming your free game(s).

For anyone who isn’t aware, two-factor authentication (better known as 2FA) is a way of letting Epic know that you are the account holder by sending an email, text or asking for a code that verifies you are the one in possession of the account. This will happen after you have logged in and given the correct details.

Enabling 2FA for your account is simple and is detailed on a page found here.

Previously, Epic have offered incentives to customers who have enabled 2FA; last year during the December holiday sale, account owners who did so received a $10 off coupon for any game that is priced at $15 or higher.

We can’t be sure, but it’s realtively safe to assume the move to requiring people to have 2FA comes after a number of security breaches in the game industry, most notably Nintendo who saw 160,000 user accounts breached and used to make purchases. The Kyoto-based company have since encouraged account owners to set up 2FA.

Currently, IronOak’s strategy RPG For the King is up for grabs until April 30th and if you want it, you’ll have to have 2FA set up your account.

Next week, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands.

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