Embracer Group Buys Gearbox for $1.3bn

Feb 3, 21  | posted by Alex (2382)

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Swedish publishing house Embracer Group has bought Gearbox Entertainment for a cool $1.3 Billion.

The Texas-based studio had been publishing their games under Take-Two Interactive but now Embracer (who own THQ Nordic) will be responsible for shipping their future titles.

The announcement was made via a release on the Gearbox website.

If you’re unaware, Gearbox are the studio who developed the Borderlands franchise, as well as Brother in Arms and some of the Duke Nukem titles. More recently they have seen success with their 7 years in the making follow up Borderlands 3, which has gone down swimmingly with new and returning fans.

The studio joins a growing family of well over a dozen development companies who were snapped up by Embracer.

Also bought was Aspyr media for $100 million and Easybrain for $640 million. Not bad, eh?

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