The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Festive with The New Life Festival

Dec 13, 17  | posted by Alex (2382)

As Christmas approaches more and more multiplayer games begin to hold limited time events to celebrate the holidays.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is about to kick off the annual New Life Festival tomorrow. This year includes a series of daily quests which all unlock a New Life gift box containing consumables and materials that will aid you in your quest across the lands of Tamriel.

Completing the first quest will give you the Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug which can give you a 2 hour XP boost. The collectible can be kept after the event but will not give out the boost.

The crown store (premium shop) has received new pets and cosmetics exclusive to the event although not everyone was happy about this. One user commented “Thanks for making the ‘season of giving’ all about your crown store Zenimax!”.

Zenimax recently held a free week and a discount to increase the number of concurrent players (which is currently 12,000 players at of the time of writing).

The festival kicks off at 10:00 AM EST tomorrow.


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