The Division Update 1.8 Released Tomorrow

Dec 4, 17  | posted by Alex (2382)

The developers behind the third person shooter RPG The Division have revealed that there will be scheduled maintenance ahead of the 1.8 update.


Devs have called this update the ‘biggest free update to date’. Below are the most notable changes:

  • Resistance—a new PVE horde mode activity in which Agents use SHD-Tech to build fortifications against allied enemy factions.

  • Skirmish—a new 4v4 PVP mode that emphasizes close-quarters combat and gunplay.

  • Revamped Underground—the same Underground Agents know and love, but with new Directives, Checkpoints, chances for Classified Gear, and Hunters.

  • Rogue 2.0—a voluntary rogue toggle for PVP flagging that we hope will rebalance the Dark Zone.

  • Gear Optimization—a new system that allows players to spend D-Tech to upgrade weapon/gear statistics to maximum.

  • West Side Pier—a map expansion on the left-hand portion of Manhattan.

  • New Exotic Weapons—the new ‘Big Alejandro’ exotic LMG, the new ‘Devil’ and ‘Heel’ exotic MMR pair, and of course the new ‘House’ SMG.

The new map expansion is the first to be introduced since release. Players have been discovering possible DLC locations through glitching the game although no official word has been given on the discoveries.

Everyone will be able to play the free weekend on Steam and in addition to this all three major expansions are playable until the 10th December. It is unknown if there will be discounts but we can safely assume.

The new update drops tomorrow 9AM CEST after maintenance. You can check out The Division on Steam, PS store or the Xbox store.

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