Destiny 2 New Light Attracts 200k Players on Steam

Oct 2, 19  | posted by Alex (2382)

new light and shadowkeep go live

Yesterday, Bungie released Destiny 2’s latest DLC Shadowkeep for all platforms but it wasn’t the only big event for PC players; back in January, Bungie announced their divorce from Activision Blizzard, meaning their sci-fi RPG had to find a new home. Their choice was Steam, and they chose to migrate players on the same day Shadowkeep was released.

The game was available to pre-load a few days ago, but is now out in the wild and is drawing in copious amounts of players, with SteamDB recording near 220,000 players at its peak. Hell, even as I write this article there’s still 135k in-game. There’s no doubt a good chunk of these people are newcomers, attracted by the free to play price tag of the main game, now called New Light. Newcomers will get access to all year 1 expansions and some of year 2 excluding Forsaken and Shadowkeep. Both Shadowkeep and Forsaken are sold as DLCs on Steam.

New players will also be playing the new intro, which is in the same vein as the original Destinty.

Meanwhile returning players seem to be enjoying the moon and its supernatural presence as well as new raids and dungeons, a new campaign, nightmare hunts, access to the season pass and much more. It’s worth noting that New Light players have access to the first mission of Shadowkeep and moon patrols.

A new season pass has been added called ‘Season of the Undying’. Similar to Fortnite and PUBG’s battle pass, the season pass contains items and cosmetics. It’ll cost you $10 for a season or if you’ve purchased Shadowkeep you’ll receive the first one for free. If you’ve bought the deluxe edition, you’ll be getting the next 4 for free.

People were enjoying Destiny 2 so much so the servers had to go down for emergency maintenance. The launch was also plagued with multiple connection issues but at the time of writing most of these have been addressed.

Prior to launch, Bungie spoke about the future of Destiny 2, which they stress will be a long one. The team have set out a five-year roadmap for the game, packed with content as they vow to make “something that lives”.

Destiny 2 is out now on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One


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