Desert Golfing Comes to Mac

Dec 27, 17  | posted by Alex (2382)

Popular mobile game gets PC and Mac port.

The procedural desert golf game was a smash hit on mobile for 3 years until a PC port came over on the 19th December however a small 2mb patch was released hours ago which brung the game to Mac.

Desert Golfing game sees you use your mouse to pot a golf ball into procedural holes which can range from steep hills to straight strips. The game keeps a track of how many attempts you have taken at trying to get the ball into the hole. It also tells you how many flags have been completed.

Issues have already been discovered with the Mac update. The cursor is completely out of place and glitchy and no official word has been given by the developers. You can pick up Desert Golfing on Steam here or get it on IOS and Android.


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