Daybreak Reveal PlanetSide Arena

Dec 16, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2128)

PlanetSide 2 developers Daybreak have unveiled the latest title in the franchise – PlanetSide Arena.

The game carries on PlanetSide’s tradition of huge-scale battles with massive 250v250 player battles (dubbed Massive Crash). Arena also has a variety of game modes including search and destroy, capture the flag, kill count, doubles, deathmatch, global conquest and battle royale. These game modes will be introduced each ‘season’ of the game.

Players will be able to wage war against each other in a massive world using all sorts of weapons and vehicles (including tanks and jetpacks). The game will carry the torch on from PlanetSide 2 and pass it onto the next PlanetSide title, which Daybreak have confirmed will be revealed via story arcs each season.

PlanetSide Arena will also feature a battlepass with 80 tiers, unlocking new weapon blueprints and armor parts to progress your character. Daybreak have confirmed the battlepass will cost but it’s unclear whether there is a free tier. If it is to follow the footsteps of other popular battle royale titles, we’ll likely see a free version which contains minimal rewards with an optional upgrade to get extra rewards. It is also unclear how much the battlepass will cost but we do know the game itself will cost $29.99 with preorder editions costing $19.99 (Standard Edition) and $39.99 (Legendary Edition) respectively.

The Sanctuary Assault edition include access to the full game, its beta, an exclusive Sanctuary Assault Armor pack and the season 1 battlepass. The legendary Arena Edition on the other hand, includes all items in the sanctuary pack and a M-20 Tempest Pack. Below is a comparison chart taken from their website:

PlanetSide Arena is out January 29th 2019 on PC.

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