Cuphead Gets a New Release on Mac

Oct 26, 18  | posted by GameRaiding (1235)

The cartoon violence we all secretly crave

If anyone can remember back to September of 2017, you might remember the success of the indie title Cuphead. Well, the success is just going to keep on growing as the game is now available on Mac. This was not a surprise considering Studio MDHR has always said it was likely to happen. Though it it has not been confirmed, a Linux version will probably be coming as well.

That is not the only thing that is on the way. Cuphead is getting its own DLC by the name of “The Delicious Last Course.” There is going to be a brand new isle and boss battles. Best of all there will be a new playable character called Ms. Chalice. She looks like old fashioned Minnie Mouse meets Betty Boop. In other words, she looks perfect. At the moment, the DLC is only set to be released on PC and Xbox One, but it seems reasonable to believe it might be ported over to Mac at some point after it is released in 2019.

If Cuphead has passed you by, it is a 2D platformer with ridiculously hard boss battles. You play as Cuphead who has sold his soul to the devil. But the devil makes a deal saying that if Cuphead is willing to be his repo man, the contract will be null and void. So off Cuphead goes to collect the souls from all of those very strange bosses. Mix that with the look of cartoons from the 1930s and you have Cuphead in a nutshell.

But it is the gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. The boss battles are all incredibly varied but also incredibly difficult. Every bit of the screen is moving with something deadly, whether its projectiles coming for you, things dropping on your head, or the screen behind you disappearing forcing you to keep moving. All the while you have to keep shooting to whittle down your enemies health.

But fear not, you can play the whole game in co-op as Cuphead and his brother Mugman. The great thing is that there are now two of you to do more damage and watch each other’s back. The downside is all the bullets that your partner is shooting and their moving and jumping around just adds to the chaos. It’s certainly something to keep in mind before deciding that co-op is the best way to go.

If you want to play Cuphead, you can do so right now on Xbox One, PC and now Mac, knowing that more is on the way.

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