Bungie Reveals Overpriced Expansion Pack For Destiny

Jun 9, 16  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

Destiny: Rise of the Pricepoint will arrive September 20th, 2016 for a whopping $30.

No game has rode the hype train harder than Destiny. From the moment Bungie broke away from Microsoft, the gaming world has been enthralled with the idea that Bungie would take their new found freedom and create the greatest game ever made. Destiny was supposed to be that game. From the moment Bungie announced that they were jumping into bed with Activision, we should have known this is how things would turn out.

Bungie announced their newest Destiny expansion titled ‘Rise of Iron’ would be available this coming September 20th. As expected, the expansion will have about as much content as the House of Wolves and Dark Below expansions had combined. Unfortunately, Bungie also combined the cost of those two previous expansions, with Rise of Iron launching at a price point of $30 for roughly 8 missions, one raid, one strike, a handful of multi-player maps, and a new social area.


Destiny has always felt like the game that could have been great, but constantly failed to live up to it’s potential. With so much of the original content cut from the game to repackage later as DLC, this left both the ‘vanilla’ game, and each of its expansions feeling very light on content. Many gamers felt the game was finally worth $60 only AFTER investing up to $150 to get Destiny, it’s first 3 expansions, plus The Taken King. Destiny has been the biggest cash grab in the history of gaming, and so far every expansion has been worth roughly half of what Bungie and Activision have been charging. Rise of Iron looks to continue this trend, charging $30 for a handful of missions and multi-player maps worth $15 at most.

Destiny could have been the greatest game ever made, instead it has become Activisions personal money tree. I’m sure millions of people will waste their money on this overpriced pile of shit, and that makes me sad. Sad for Bungie, and sad for gamers in general.

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