Borderlands GOTY Rated in Taiwan, Developers Revealed

Jan 7, 19  | posted by Alex Quayle (2128)

Borderlands fans were treated to some huge news regarding Borderlands Remastered thanks to some information let loose by the Taiwanese rating board.

Borderlands was released in 2009

The Game Administration Rating Committee (aka the GRAC) are responsible for overseeing the age rating of video games in the country of Taiwan. Recently, they uploaded the rating for a title named ‘Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition’ for Xbox One and PS4, published by 2K and developed by Blind Squirrel Games; a company that has dabbled in some major titles, including porting Borderlands 2 to the PS3. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rating crop up for Borderlands remastered. In may, the Korean Rating Board posted the game’s rating page, along with Sunset Overdrive on PC (which was shortly revealed).

Blind Squirrel Games are a California based studio who, aforementioned, have worked on some notable titles such as XCOM 2, Prey, Sims 4 and Sunset Overdrive. While they only developed behind the scenes features like porting rendering of UI, the company managed to secure the rights to remaster the Bioshock series in 2016, proving the studio has a solid relationship with 2K. In may, Blind Squirrel faced 13 layoffs due to lack of funding. This was a minor setback however as the company are set to announce their first self published title – Drifters.

Shifting the remaster onto another company seems like a legitimate move Gearbox/2K would take as it gives the studio more time to work on the upcoming Borderlands 3, which is yet to be officially announced. Despite this, details have been drip fed to the community throughout 2018, with the biggest chunk coming from YouTuber Supmatto who revealed that the game will take place across three planets, the plot and the four playable characters.

We’ll keep you updated as more develops on the story.

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