Borderlands 3 Will Feature Elon Musk’s Flamethrower Gun

Jan 30, 18  | posted by Alex (2382)

Borderlands with Flamethrowers? Holy Smoke

It looks like a surprise crossover is heading to Borderlands 3. Elon Musk tweeted about his latest invention, a literal flamethrower. Musk published a series of tweets to promote his latest gizmo and Randy Pitchford (CEO of Gearbox) offered him a deal:

The conversation was brief but it was enough to fuel the already strong hype train for the next instalment of Borderlands. After the slow death of Battleborn Randy has been teasing Borderlands 3 to fans without ever actually talking about it. He says “90% of the studio is working on the thing you want us to be working on” and to add to this the latest financial report for 2K hinted at a “highly anticipated new title from one of 2K’s biggest franchises” coming in the next fiscal year. Alongside the new game is a project the other 10% are working on and it’s called Project 1v1. Not many details are known about this secret game although we do know that it will be the first game to combine the gameplay of FPS games with a collectable card system. You may ask doesn’t Paladins do that? Not quite.

Borderlands is famous for its guns and adding the flamethrower would honestly be one of the greatest collaborations of this century. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is selling his real-life version of the boring flamethrower (that’s what it’s called) for $500 and has already sold 15,000 units generating $7.5 million in revenue.

What do you think of the collab? Are you going to buy a flamethrower? Let us know in the comments.

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