Youtuber Supmatto Leaks Borderlands 3 Characters

Dec 7, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2134)

New details revealed

Youtuber Supmatto has leaked three of the four playable characters from the upcoming looter shooter Borderlands 3.

The images (below) come hot off the heels of a mountain of information Matt leaked yesterday before The Game Awards regarding the game’s premise. These new images reveal the appearance of Borderlands 3’s new characters:

These images have been retrieved by Matt’s anonymous source who has a track record of providing legitimate leaks. Moze also may look familiar as she was featured in a tech demo for Borderlands 3 at GDC 2017.

Matt also leaked a bunch of information regarding the story in a video yesterday following Rooster Teeth’s The Know receiving some information on the character classes. Here’s what we know about the game so far:

  • The game will be set across three planets; Pandora, Eden-6 and Promethea. It’s unclear whether this will be achieved via simple fast travels or actual space flight.
  • Players will be teaming up with the Crimson Raiders to fight an all new enemy – The Children of the Vault and their leaders, The Calypsos. The game will begin on Pandora and will see you taking out an enemy base before scuttering into space.
  • Returning manufacturers include Atlas, Jakobs and Maliwan. Matt pointed out these are just the confirmed ones and there is likely going to be more. The Children of the Vault is also believed to be a manufacturer.
  • There will be female bandits and psychos in the game.
  • Four vehicle types will be in the game.
  • Passive skills are making a debut.
  • New features include passive NPCs who will heal you when downed.
  • There are new elements
  • Unnamed siren: Melee-based character with three action skills: a phase lock that holds multiple enemies at once, a ground pound slam and a projection of herself. Her appearance is described as “a black female who is buff as hell”.
  • Moze the gunner: No details are known about her apart from that she has a mech named ‘Iron Bear’
  • Flak the beastmaster: Flak will be able to control three different beasts (which are his three action skills). He is a robot. Currently, this is the character that isn’t finished and is still being worked on.
  • Zane the operative: Assassin-based character who is described as wealthy with ‘calssier customization options’.
  • Tiny Tina is making a return.

You can check out Matts video on the details below:

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