Blizzard Receives Complaints of Sexualized Character, Makes Her Sexier

Apr 7, 16  | posted by elheber (1180)

Blizzard replaced the controvercial pose with a pin-up.

Ten days ago, an Overwatch player posted a complaint in Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta feedback forum about an oversexualized winning pose of a female character named Tracer and Blizzard quickly took it down, promising to replace it soon. Well they did, and the new pose bears a striking similarity to a vintage pin-up poster from the 50s.

Hang it in your locker and paint it on the side of a B-52.

Two days ago when Blizzard unveiled the new pose, against all odds, it managed to please pretty much everyone. It is playful enough to be in-character for Tracer, solving the problem of the original complaint; however, it’s also still very sexy, quelling the fears of gamers already too wary of political correctness saturating the video game industry.

But is the new image also a clever troll by the Blizzard artist?

tracer-victory-pose-2-over-the-shoulderThe original pose. Thankfully, that toned butt was not toned down.

The original complaint said that the now-replaced pose reduced Tracer to just “another bland female sex symbol.” So now that the new winning pose being possibly inspired by a vintage pin-up squarely fits the definition of “sex symbol,” does it mean someone at Blizzard is being very coy. Whatever the case, Blizzard managed to disprove that old saying, “you can’t please everyone.”

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