Blair Witch Haunts Xbox and PC Players This August

Jun 10, 19  | posted by C. Anthony Rivera (1025)

The wicked legend of Black Hills Forest comes to the controller.

Showcased briefly at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year, players were given a glimpse into Bloober Team’s next psychological horror title, Blair Witch. The game is set in 1996 where you will play as Ellis, a former police officer who offers to help the search for a missing boy near Black Hills Forest. With a loyal canine companion named Bullet by your side, you will venture into the woods as the evil force known as the Blair Witch terrifies your journey in the first-person perspective.

You will be armed with a flashlight, camcorder, and a few other essential items to battle your way through the ominous woods; Bullet will also have a few abilities for you to utilize on the search.

While not much has been said due to avoiding spoilers from the developers, the team behind Layers of Fear and Observer did reveal that the game would be set within the cinematic series that popularized the “found footage” genre, with an original narrative crafted by the developers. You can watch the reveal trailer below.

Players may enter the deadly forest this year when the game releases on August 30th for PC and Xbox.


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