“BioShock: The Collection” Announced

Jul 1, 16  | posted by Craig Taylor (1146)

2K brings the classic series to next-gen

After a series of leaks including screenshots of the remaster uploaded to the series’ website, 2K released the announcement trailer for a remaster of the BioShock trilogy for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

BioShock: The Collection will contain all singleplayer content from the three BioShock titles, the “Colombia’s Finest” DLC pack for BioShock: Infinite and Director’s Commentary from Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson.

It’s unclear whether or not BioShock and BioShock: Infinite developer Irrational Games is handling the remaster or not. Also, it looks like the multiplayer from BioShock 2 will not be returning.

While clearly some work has been done in the shots used in the trailer, it’s unclear whether or not the BioShock games have been completely rebuilt, or if this collection is simply a 1080p, 60 fps re-release. It’s hard to imagine 2013’s BioShock: Infinite looking much better than it already does.

BioShock: The Collection is scheduled to release September 13.


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