Bethesda Thanks Fans Ahead of Fallout 76 B.E.T.A

Oct 22, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2134)

Bethesda, creators of upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 76 have released a letter from the studio addressed to their fans regarding their journey as a studio just a day before the B.E.T.A (break it early test application) is due to go live for Xbox One.

Fallout76 BGS in-body

In short, Bethesda is thanking the players for their continued support of their projects and will work hard to iron out bugs. They are also hinting at updates to Fallout 76 although that is not confirmed.

The Beta – due to go live tomorrow will open the game for 4 hours for a stress test on the server. Due to a partnership with Xbox, PlayStation and PC players will have to wait until 30th October to get their hands on the latest instalment in the long-running Fallout franchise. Set in the state of West Virginia,Fallout 76 follows the story of a unique vault that have been given orders to rebuild America. Faced with new enemies, players must band together (or fight against each other) and explore the Appalachia mountains. Since its reveal at E3 in June, Bethesda have been drip feeding players with information including faction descriptions.

Among these factions are the Enclave; the remnants of the American Government who made an appearance in Fallout 3. Joining the government officials are the Brotherhood of Steel and the Doomsday Preppers who seem to be concerned civilians who have emerged from their bunkers. Fallout 76 also introduces the First Responders, an team of pre-war emergency services personnel. Despite these factions being showcased, Bethesda has already confirmed there will be no human NPCs which has left fans scratching their heads.

A few weeks ago the media and content creators were invited to the Greenbrier hotel in West Virginia to play Fallout 76. Participants were allowed to record their 3 hour session in the wasteland, revealing new gameplay mechanics such as the ability to build anywhere and the option to drop an atom bomb on other players which fans at home reacted to with a mixed opinion; some liked the look of the mushroom cloud while others criticised it for looking too unrealistic.

Fallout 76 is of course the odd one out in the Fallout series but the game is making an impression with die-hard fans – Despite no Steam release, being fully multiplayer and the sales threat from Red Dead Redemption 2, Bethesda’s latest title is going up against all odds and is, for the most part, winning.

Fallout 76 will launch on November 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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