Bethesda January Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 Mods

Jan 11, 19  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1253)

New Mods for the New Year!


Skyrim Special Edition

Hermit’s Stump by Haem-Projects
Skyrim mod for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

One simply cannot go wrong in this game without a magical paradise filled with deer, mushrooms, and an aura that iminates in every space. This cozy little home has a top and a bottom that features all of the amenities one has come to expect at this point in the game. The home’s size gives off a shire type feel to it.

Journeyman Healer Robes by RefurbMadness, ported by DimiMit
Skyrim mod for PC and Xbox One

Healers play an extremely big role in the every day life of Skyrim and this robe brings you the style that you’ve been craving to wear whilst shoving it in the face of the arrow in knee gaurds stationes throughout the map. It had a goldish and bronze type color and reminds you of high preists in many game including World of Warcaft.

Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor
Skyrim mod for PC and Xbox One

Have you ever thought to yourself this question, “Why the fuck do we still have loading screens in our games these days? Well, this mod takes that shit out of the equation and provides fluid access, more interesting fights, and horse riding within city walls. Any major city in-game allows you to open the gates and get right into whatever you’re pursuing without those pesky load screens dampening your day.

Fallout 4

LC-1 Laser Carbine by Matrix Aran, ported by Tfa2Xreznov
Fallout 4 mod for Xbox One

Made by the Institute, the LC-1 Laser Carbine is a sleeker version of the typical laser rifles throughout the land that still gives many configuration options.

Wasteland Counterfeiter by RetroDaddy
Fallout 4 mod for Xbox One and PlayStation 4
That cap problem goes away with just a few extra resources to make you rich!

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack by ccmads
Fallout 4 mod for Xbox One and PC

This is probably one of the coolest Fallout 4 mods I’ve seen! We’re all tired of the boring shit the game gave us, and the older mods are getting tiresome by now too. This mods gives you new settlement styles and 800 new objects to choose from. You’ll definitely have some fun exploring the wealth of possibilities of this mod.


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