Battlefield Hardline Update: Patch v2.0 Released Today

Jul 28, 15  | posted by DieselEffect (1000)

Battlefield Hardline patch v2.0 released

Early this morning, DICE rolled out patch v2.0 for the latest installment of the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline. Several updates are included, however, the update only applies to PC, Xbox One & Playstation 4. Xbox 360 & PS3 users are not affected. The details of the patch are as follows:

  • PC Only
    • (Client) Removed requirement for Google Chrome plug-in support as Origin now provides the functionality that the Google Chrome plug-in used to handle
  • Xbox One Only
    • (Crashes) Fixed a known client side crash.
  • Playstation 4 Only
    • (User Interface) Fixed an issue where the game crashes when navigating through the CUSTOMIZE menu.
  • All Platforms
    • (Map) Bank: Fixed an issue where players could climb a Grappling Hook shot into the ceiling above the offices on the 2nd level of the Bank.
    • (Map) The Beat: Fixed an issue where players were able to float in the sky. Sorry, no Exo-Hover.
    • (Server Browser) Fixed an issue where correct Server Types were not being filtered properly in the Server Browser.
    • (Servers) Fixed an issue with Map filters not working properly.
    • (Servers) Implemented fixes with known TDM issues.

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