Banjo Kazooie and Dragon Quest as DLC for Smash Ultimate

Jun 11, 19  | posted by Not Important (1138)

Rare's Banjo Kazooie and Dragon Quest Announced as DLC for Smash Ultimate

In a dream come true for Nintendo fans everywhere, a long time requested pair have found themselves in Smash Ultimate. Banjo Kazooie are now out of their neglected franchise and into Smash in a lovely way of Nintendo once again making a statement that beloved characters are never forgotten. They have brought in characters that, in my opinion, are neglected and abandoned by their companies. Now to find themselves in Smash is very lovely.


Along with the legendary duo, another franchise finds itself into Smash Ultimate, Dragon Quest’s several heroes are also DLC. Players are able to play as the main character of Dragon Quest 8 and several other past entries’ main characters. They all have the same moveset and are speculated to be alternate skins to the same character. Similar to Bowser’s children having the same character slot but different skins, I.E different people.

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