Bandai-Namco Are Set To Release “Attractio” Exclusively On Playstation 4, PSVita And Steam

Jan 14, 16  | posted by LouiXIII (1002)

Developed by Gamecoder Studios, Attractio is a single player futuristic puzzler that forces you to manipulate gravity by using an array of physics-based gadgets to achieve success.
by LouiXIII on January 14, 2016

In the year 3275, mankind has traveled the solar system and colonized a number of planets with each planet and surrounding moon establishing it’s own independent government. In the midst of these newly formed governments are ruthless companies that are profiting from the suffering of humankind. To escape this fate, men and women gamble their lives by volunteering to star in the most highest rated game show in the galaxy…Attractio.

Attractio is filmed on a satellite orbiting Mars called the Entertainment Space Station (ESS). During the course of the show, contestants must use their unique skills to overcome each challenge to claim the grand prize, while death awaits those who fail.

Attractio puts you in the shoes of three contestants. The first is Dalek, a dangerous inmate that hopes to obtain his freedom to once again wreck havoc across the solar system. The second is Keir, a worker at a assembly plant on Earth’s south sector who hopes to survive Attractio and claim a large monetary prize. Lastly is Mia, a special forces member from Eunostos, a very rough region of Mars. Mia wishes to take advantage of a technological prize for reasons that are currently unknown.

Challenges that our contestants face includes lasers, lava pits, crushing weight or dropping from great heights. To overcome these obstacles, players must make use of gravity boxes, shifter guns and gravity boots as well as master techniques like skate boxing, elevating, soft landing and zero-g effect.

Attractio is due to release on January 18th for PS4, PSVita and Steam. For more on this new Bandai Namco title, stay tuned to GameLust.

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