Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Coming in March

Feb 7, 19  | posted by GameRaiding (1244)

Colonial America has never looked so nice

It was not surprising when Ubisoft announced that they were working on an Assassin’s Creed III remaster. Yesterday was a very good day, as we were given a release date along with a new trailer and some new information. The best part is, the game is coming next month. The wait is almost over. 

It goes without saying that the controls have been cleaned up and the graphics have gotten a fresh coat of paint. Remasters have a tendency of being a bit lackluster, but based on the new trailer (which admittedly can be misleading), the changes look drastic. The world wasn’t bland before, but in the comparisons, it almost looks it. That being said, it is still a remaster and it looks it. Yes, it looks nice and shiny, but it is no where in the league of Odyssey or Origins. But it would be unfair to expect that.

If you are wondering if this game will be worth the money, Ubisoft has announced something that will sweeten the deal. Buying the game will also get you all of the single-player DLC and AC Liberation. The Tyranny of King Washington expansion will also be included so if you perhaps shared to play that again to try to wrap your head around that, feel free. It all there. Best of all, if you bought the season pass for Odyssey, then all of this comes included. If not, you can still purchase it on it’s own. 

You can enjoy this content on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on March 29th.

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