Gamelust QuickieMar 28, 18  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

April Games with Gold Features Trio of Awesome Games.

It’s that time of month again, no not that time, free game announcements time. Major Nelson is back with more free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers coming in April. If you can find some time between plundering booty(why are you such a perv?) and eating chicken dinners April has some amazing games for you.

The month starts out with The Witness(Apr 1-30) on Xbox One and Cars 2(Apr 1-15) on Xbox 360 and Xbox One via backwards compatibility. The month then ends with a bang as subscribers will get Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate(Apr 16-May 15) on Xbox One and Dead Space(Apr 16-30) on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Certainly one of the best months for any subscription service.

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