A Typo in Aliens: Colonial Marines is Discovered, Making the Game Suck Less

Jul 14, 18  | posted by Alex (2382)

Typo fixes broken AI

Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? It was labeled as one of the worst games ever because of its stupendously awful gameplay. Anyways, today a mistake in the code was discovered which could only be described as the singlehandedly most crucial typo in the history of the English Language.

A modder named jamesdickinson963 unearthed the now infamous typo in the PeacanEngine.ini file located in the game folder. Further investigation revealed the line AttachPawnToTeather was spelled incorrectly; this line is responsible for dictating where the Xenomorphs position themselves. The result was a hilarious mess of AI wandering the levels without direction. Correcting the typo to AttachPawnToTether produced a less buggy version of the 2013 alien shooter.

The typo was originally discovered in October of 2017 but was popularised recently on the forum Resetera. Anyone who owns a copy of Aliens: Colonial Marines on PC can download the patch and test out the still not perfect but better version of Pitchford’s failed attempt to turn the cult classic film franchise into a video game.

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