20K Overwatch Fans Go Crazy Over An A-Mei-Zing Robot Snowball!

Feb 21, 18  | posted by adorwriteable (1005)

Check out this loveable robot.

Everybody freeze! One of the most remarkable Overwatch figures now exists, as a gift from a dedicated husband to his wife. Meet robot snowball. Made by the husband of Reddit user CuriouslyCrimson, it not only won over her heart but the hearts of many Redditors. And it’s easy to see why. 3D printed with a Prusa i3mk2, then sanded, this bot has moving ears, a rotating head, and blinking eyes. This firmware engineer showed off many talents in this one project. Still, some remain unimpressed by its inability to fly. Seriously, the internet is so demanding. Others hoped that it would make snowcones or even sorbet. But, CuriouslyCrimson is actually working on a model for a freeze gun.

At this time, to everyone’s disappointment, the couple does not plan on selling either.

Where can robot snowball be seen? 

Robot Snowball made his first appearance at Katsucon this weekend. There all the Overwatch voice actors were selling autographs. CuriouslyCrimson was found cosplaying as pajama Mei. But she plans to bring him along again when she cosplays Ecopoint Mei for PAX East. PAX East runs April 5th through the 8th in Boston, MA. Badges for Thursday and Sunday are still available. However, Friday and Saturday have already sold out. Her husband will also be cosplaying as a golden-skinned Soldier 76.

The couple has also cosplayed characters from Ancient Magus Bride.

There were other talented cosplayers at Katsucon

While CuriouslyCrimson did not post pictures of her Mei cosplay on Reddit there were plenty of other awesome Overwatch cosplayers in attendance.

The ones that are shown above are listed with who is cosplaying them:

Check out their Twitter accounts, linked above, for more amazing cosplays.

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