Gamelust QuickieMar 27, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1261)

2018 Overwatch World Cup Announced!

Are you bored and need some shit to do other than passionately consoling yourself in your room? Well, this year’s Overwatch World Cup will be held in Southern California in November, and you better not miss this shit! Once again, we have been blessed by the Video Game Gods to witness entertainment made for gamers. Country Qualifications have taken place this month and continues throughout April. Committee Creation will be held in May while Player Tryouts will be from June to July. Group Stages will be from August through October and, the Top 8 teams will compete in November.

They’ll be tracking the average skill rating of each country’s top 150 players and can be viewed on theĀ Overwatch World Cup Website . The top 20 countries will be invited to compete by the time of the cup. Let’s strap in for some serious action and painful defeats as the world’s top ass kickers make it to the top!

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