Sine Mora EX

This beautiful side-scrolling shoot 'em up has tons of style! Sine Mora EX mixes classic shoot-everything gameplay with an elegant look and unique time-changing mechanics. The story woven into the game promises to deepen the experience, but you can switch to Arcade Mode and start mindlessly blasting enemies too. There read more

Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet

This Japanese shoot 'em up offers crazy, lightning-fast action for gamers with itchy trigger fingers. It's a bit of a cross-genre, as Bullet Ballet combines the 1v1 style of fighting games with a shooter and adds a unique element of customization to the mix. Players create their own projectiles and read more

Assault Suit Leynos

This shooter is an HD reboot of a classic Mega Drive game. Assault Suit Leynos embodies the shoot-everything style that action fans crave. With its custom weapon loadouts, massive boss battles, and endless explosions, there's a reason the original remains in the memory of everyone who played it. Along with read more

Lithium City

Lithium City is a stylish fast-paced isometric shooter set in a neon-drenched city of impossibly tall buildings. Shatter your enemies with a combination of fists, blades, guns, and wits. You play as an unknown girl thrust into an uncaring world of electricity and violence. Taken in by your mentor and chief, read more