Gamelust is a huge undertaking and as such has a high operating cost. We are currently funding the entire site out of pocket at a cost of $25 per month July 2016 through December 2016. This cost will be going up to $90 per month starting in January 2017. We are very adamant in our desire to keep the majority of our website ad-free, with this page and the links found within being the ONLY ads you will ever find on our site.

There are three ways that you can help us pay the bills.

  • The First option is to donate money to us through either PayPal, or by signing up to be a patron of ours on Patreon.
  • The Second option is to purchase your favorite video games online through one of our affiliates. If you are already planning on buying a game through, Best Buy, or GameStop, use one of our affiliate links found on the Tier 1 advertising page before you make your purchase. This will allow us to collect a meager 1-2% of the sale(roughly 60 cents for a $60 game on average).
  • The Third option will be to visit the Tier 2 and Tier 3 advertising pages. Tier 2 advertising will have ad banners from our affiliates plus other technology related ads. Tier 3 advertising which will feature the types of ads we all hate but apparently support the majority of the internet. This will include ads from OutBrain and Taboola and other non-gaming or technology vendors.

How we will use the funds you provide us.

  • Our desire is to create the best gaming site for our fellow gamers as is humanly possible. We did not build this site with the intent to get rich and quit our jobs, nor do we plan on doing so if we do get rich as a result of the work we put in here. It is fairly obvious we would use the initial money to cover the monthly cost of our VPS/Dedicated server, but what about after we have crossed that threshold? Worry not, we have a plan. To start, the extra funds will be set aside to pay for the following month of service so that we can ensure we can continue to provide you with the best possible gaming site. Once we have reached that goal, at least 50% of the remaining funds will be put right back into the site through contests(think free video games), supporting our top authors through patreon(you can actually earn money for your user contributions), and to pay for advertising so we can continue to grow. The remainder of the money will be divided between the 7 staff members.

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