Terraria: Otherworld cancelled, more updates coming for Terraria

Apr 15, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2006)

Devs look ahead as upcoming project is cut short

This week Terarria dev Re-Logic have announced the cancellation of their upcoming project, Terraria: Otherworld.

The decision was proclaimed via a forum post on their official website. Re-Logic claimed it was a “hard decision to make” after almost 3 years of work on the upcoming project. The post details exactly why they came to the compromise:

“We sincerely thank both of our external development teams for their hard work on the game, but at some point, we have to be honest with ourselves and realize that Otherworld simply is never going to reach its potential in any sort of reasonable time or fashion.”

Concepts in Otherworld are reportedly¬†going to be used in future games from the indie studio who also assured more updates are coming to their wildly¬†popular survival game Terarria claiming there is still a “TON” of work to be done on the game, including the console and mobile versions which are maintained by 505 games and Pipeworks Studio.

Otherworld was not a waste of time however as they explain it will be a lesson learned:

“We know that the cancellation of Terraria: Otherworld will not be happy news to anyone. It is FAR from a happy moment for us either, when we look at all the time/effort/resources that we poured into the project. However, we feel strongly that we owe it to our community and loyal customers to uphold the standards that both you and we expect and to focus on delivering the best possible games that we can for you all to play. Come whatever may, quality is simply not something we are willing to compromise on to make a quick buck. It may be painful in the short term, but our sincere hope is that it will pay off for everyone in the long term in regard to our future games. T:OW will never come to pass, but its lessons learned and ideas generated will absolutely yield dividends for everyone.”

Terraria was released in 2011 and is still making money due to its continued popularity amongst gamers looking for a sidescrolling survival experience. The game has been praised for its Minecraft elements while providing a unique story you won’t find elsewhere.

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