Techland Reveals Standalone Battle Royale Expansion for Dying Light

Dec 7, 17  | posted by Alex Quayle (1851)

Battle Royale Meets Zombies.

Techland have opened up applications to join the Steam beta for their new Dying Light expansion, Bad Blood.

The aim of Bad Blood is to harvest blood samples off the DNA of infected humans. You must collect and survive by traversing with the amazingly good parkour mechanics of Dying Light and not only survive against the zombies but against fellow humans. The whole idea is to get to the extraction with enough samples to secure you a seat on the chopper at the end of the game. You can form alliances with other players or take on the city as a lone wolf.

On the FAQ section of the page, Techland has this to say regarding the new expansion:

Dying Light: Bad Blood is a multiplayer expansion set in the Dying Light universe. Bad Blood offers intense and dynamically changing online matches that creatively blend the distinction between PvP and PvE style of gameplay, while retaining the core of what made Dying Light and international success.

This is most likely part of the wave of DLC that was announced to be coming to Dying Light over the course of the next year although Bad Blood will be standalone meaning Dying Light won’t be required in your library. If you have a Steam account you can sign up here for free beta testing. Signing up will require a Techland account.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will be available to everyone sometime in 2018 and Techland have confirmed the expansion is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

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329 days 6 hours ago

Posted by JDAWG4LIF3

This looks like it will be pretty awesome! I love this game, and I can't wait to see how this game mode plays!

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