Steam Winter Sale Begins

Dec 21, 17  | posted by Alex Quayle (1886)

Massive sales across the Steam catalog

As the nights get colder and the homes get warmer Steam launches its annual winter sale with savings across the whole of the Steam marketplace with over 21,500 games on sale at the time of writing although more games will be added to the sale over the course of next week.

The sale comes straight after the of the finalists in the Steam awards which will take place until the 3rd January. Users will be given the option to vote for one category a day in return for a trading card from the new Winter Sale 2017 set.

This and the summer sale are the two major events gamers look forward to and even old games enjoy a hefty discount which can range from a small 5% price drop to a huge 90% off. PUBG was not given a discount which may be due to the official 1.0 PC launch which happened yesterday. Gamers have taken to the Steam comments with remarks such as “why not celebrate the new update with a discount?” and “seriously, no discount? Why?”.

Games on sale include Wolfenstein II, Portal 2, Prison Architect, Cuphead and GTA V. Valve is notorious for hosting some of the greatest games in gaming history and this one is no exception. It’s no doubt wallets will be emptied over the coming fortnight that the sale runs for.


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