Steam Receives Massive Update – Adds Voice Chat

Jul 25, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2134)

New update adds voice chat and more

Steam has been given a fresh coat of paint today transforming the client’s 2010 look into a 2018 one. The most notable change is how you interact with friends – an overhauled friends tab allows you to pin certain friends for quick access. Chat windows are no longer opened as an individual window but instead appears as part of the friends’ tab.

Group chats have been refurbished too. A server (similar to those found on Discord) can be set up to allow for voice and text chat with multiple friends. The owner can assign roles to people including administration responsibilities. It’s effectively a Discord for those who have grown tired of alt+tabbing to access Discord and it works surprisingly well.

Users can now send images and videos without the pesky link removed error popping up because of supposedly ‘malicious links’ despite the fact you wanted to show your friend a picture and/or gif of his cat. A heap of other changes can be found here.

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