Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets an Update

Apr 13, 18  | posted by GameRaiding (1190)

A new update allows you to play as an Ewok and murder Stormtroopers, all under the cloak of night

Unless my memory is severely failing me, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was not very well received upon release. Well it has now been several months and EA did fix many of the problems that the original game had. Most notably, the loot boxes and progression system. With the progression system simplified and the loot boxes being strictly for cosmetic purposes, we can now turn our focus onto new upcoming content. Specifically the Ewok Hunt.

This new part of the game allows you to play as either an Ewok or Stormtrooper with the former hunting the latter. All the Stormtroopers have to do is survive until help arrives but that is much easier said than done. Considering you are on Endor, the Ewoks are always going to have the upper hand and they have the benefit of being small and blending in nicely with the night-time environment. And if that weren’t bad enough each Stormtrooper taken down respawns as an Ewok. The prospect of being the last one standing and having oh so many Ewoks hidden in the shrubbery is a bit terrifying. It sounds like a Star Wars edition of Friday the 13th, except everyone is Jason.

This new mode comes in an update called A Night On Endor and is only one of the new things being added. New appearances for both the heroes and Stormtroopers will also be made available along with your typical bug fixes and overall game improvements. There will also be new challenges however that if completeed will earn you new emotes, which if you are a fan of those is excellent news. If not then perhaps it will give you a strange sense of comfort that they are there. I don’t know and I don’t judge.

Perhaps this will not be enough for some to forgive EA for what they did, but others may see it as a step in the right direction. This is a free update so it does seem that they are at least attempting to make amends for the poor decisions that were made. Now that many the micro transactions are all but gone, if now might finally be the time to pick it up if you haven’t yet. At least you won’t have the annoying problems that everyone did in the beginning. And getting it now means you get to play as an Ewok. And who wouldn’t want to do that?

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337 days 9 hours ago

Posted by JDAWG4LIF3

Uh…hell yes!!!!!!! Fuckin EWOK time suckas! I'm getting back in the action lol.

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