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Rumor – Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy Coming to Switch and PC in 2018.

An interesting rumor popped up on ResetEra yesterday. It would appear that we’ll be getting more Crash Bandicoot in the future. This news comes from a quote on page 97 of the new Licensing Source Book Europe (published on issuu) attributed to Max Arguile, a Licensing Manager at GB Eye.

According to Max it would appear that Activision has a 5 year plan for Crash Bandicoot starting with a port of N.Sane Trilogy on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC and an entirely new game in 2019. There was no mention of an Xbox version, though this may be an oversight due to the platforms struggles in Europe.

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381 days 0 hours ago

Posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx

Just for the record, there may indeed be an Xbox port of N.Sane Trilogy that Activision can't talk about yet. There have been videos of the game with Xbox prompts on screen and the option to buy an Xbox version was hidden in the code on the official site's store at one point. 

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