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PlayStation Plus Games for September Announced

September is a good month to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Sony may have outdone themselves with next months free games, at least if you are a PlayStation 4 owner. Not only is every game offered this month playable on a PlayStation 4, but the top offerings are two excellent AAA titles. PlayStation 4 owners will start off the month with downloads of… God of War III Remastered and… Destiny 2. No, that is not a typo. Destiny 2 is not only free to plus subscribers it’s available right now, just in time for the free 24 hour trial of Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new mode called Gambit, a hybrid PVE and PVP mode that looks absolutely bonkers.

PlayStation 3 gamers will receive Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition(cross-buy with PS4 & PSVita) and QUBE Director’s Cut(cross-buy with PS4) while PlayStation Vita owners can grab Sparkle 2(cross-buy with PS3 & PS4) and Foul Play(cross-buy with PS4). These titles will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers beginning Tuesday, September 4thdesti, 2018.

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