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Jun 16, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1241)

Is this the Battlefield you wanted?

So, E3 came and went with a pretty powerful bang. The game I want to talk about is Battlefield V. I’ve been a Battlefield fan for years, and I honestly feel good about the direction that it is going in. There are a ton of new features and modes coming that will genuinely make the gameplay that much more fun. A lot of people, however, are upset with many of the changes that have been made. The one that has received the most attention right off the bat is the diversity issue. Many gamers are upset that EA is shoving their agenda down everyone’s throats.

Personally, I understand both sides of the story. We have a game that has never been too serious but still mostly accurate with the history that they display. Women did fight in WW2 but just not anywhere in the numbers that men did. Women during this time were not expected and not forced to go to war when it came around. I know that I’ll still buy the game, because it’s not that serious of an issue to stop me from buying it. The people who don’t like it are genuinely frustrated, because they just want to play a game without political bullshit getting in the way.

I definitely get this sentiment when it comes to sitting down and getting some game time in. I never want to think about anything else but playing the game. What EA does here has been called obvious as fuck. The YouTube video game journalist, “The Act Man,” in a nutshell said that the advertising lacked subtly. He’s 100% right about that fact. I didn’t see the big problem at first, but I saw that the equality issue was the main focus of their advertising instead of specific gameplay and heart-pounding cinematic action that actually shows what will be in the game.

The main problem I see here is the fact that EA doesn’t give enough consideration about how gamers feel. They did start making changes in their games that needed to be made but only after the government got involved. They are steadfast in their position on this topic, and it seems the developers won’t budge one bit. The company has been quoted saying, “Accept it or don’t buy the game.” This is a huge problem in the gaming industry. The whole point of video games is for the gamers to enjoy them. When developers blatantly ignore the concerns of the community, that community starts to leave the franchise.

I love the games that EA makes, but I just wish they would care more about the concerns of the gamers. Now, you don’t have to take women out of Battlefield V but just make it less about some underlying issue you want to throw at gamers. We just wanna play some fucking games people. Treat the community right, give us quality content, leave out the politics, listen to your customers and make some dope games.

Now that I’ve given my opinion that many of you may or may not agree with, I wanna look at some of the features and modes coming to Battlefield V. To me, this game reminds me of Battlefield 4 but with the WW2 campaign, weapons, scenery, and feel.

Here’s a list of the things that EA is bringing us in this next chapter:

Grand Operations – This mode is a battle that takes place over 3 to 4 days. It goes through the cycles of a real battle that will immerse you like never before. I’ve seen the footage of this gameplay, and you start out either defending an area from the coming attack or parachuting out of planes to attack the defenders. I remember Battlefield Bad Company 2 implementing parachuting into some maps, and this will add an interesting dynamic to the initial assault.

New Squad Mechanics – Squad play and overall gameplay have changed tremendously. Everyone in your squad can heal each other but only the medic will heal you really fast and back to full health. Everyone else won’t heal you to full health. When you’re down, you can call for other players to come get you but good luck getting people to revive your ass like all other Battlefield games. The ammo will be a lot more scarce, and you’ll eventually have to use checkpoints once your support player runs out of those precious bullets.

Another feature is building resources through your actions across the squad to give the squad leader the ability to call in reinforcements like the V1 rocket that you may have seen in the reveal trailer. This will bring the hurt to the enemy when they’re pushing your position.

New Vehicle Mechanics – Gone are the days of unlimited ammo for your air, sea, and ground vehicles. Now you must return to an ammo checkpoint to replenish your resources.  For the pilots in the sky, you’ll have to turn back around near your start point and hit a floating icon that gives you that much-needed ammo for your Spitfire or Stukka. When it comes to artillery emplacements, you can grab a vehicle to hook up to and drive off while your buddy shoots at any asshole he wants.

Customization – They allow you to customize your character, vehicle, and weapons just as the games did before. They’ll be letting you get into more detail when it comes to your person, because they want you to stand out however you want. They want players to remember you by what your character looked like. These changes will show no matter what multiplayer mode you choose to play. The player customization will be gender, skin color, helmets, and war paint. For weapons, you’ll be able to change things like skins, receivers, stocks, barrels, muzzles, and more. When it comes to vehicles, you can change the paint job, sandbags, leaf camos, and more to intimidate your foes.

Tides of War – With Tides of War, players will receive a new narrative every few months with content that will immerse everyone into this conflict.

No Premium Pass – That’s right everyone! There will be none of that community splitting bullshit. They done did it right with this move! Sometimes you would go into a map with absolutely no one because people didn’t have the pass and it was pretty annoying when it happened. Everything you do in-game will be rewarded instead of being able to buy your competitive edge.

Fortifications –  This was something that really intrigued me. At first glance, it might look like a ripoff of Fortnite, but it’s actually a pretty cool mechanic. Any player can build a fortification, ammo point, foxhole, and barbed wire but support can do it twice as fast. These make the flow of the battlefield that much more intense as it really feels like combat. To be able to make use of crucial chokepoints by putting up a fortification would be fucking amazing!

Destruction – Destructions has always been apart of the battlefield experience. This time though, the destruction will be completely reactionary to the events that happen. Nothing will be pre-determined at all. It will take longer and the angles, projectiles,  and vehicles matter greatly.

Battle Royale – I haven’t been able to get any information this as of yet, but I think it’ll be pretty fun. It’s an area Battlefield has never gone in before and one that many don’t think should happen.

This, everyone, is the Battlefield we’ve been waiting for. All of these changes seem great to me, but I want to hear what you all think of them. Do you like the new mechanics they’re implementing or do you absolutely despise it? Let me know in the comments below. I’m sure many of you will hold off on buying the game until the reviews are in. I’ll be one of those gamers who pre-order it to give you the scoop on what it’s like.


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