Gamelust QuickieAug 7, 17  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2265)

Non-News: Destiny 2 partnering with Pop-Tarts, Rockstar.

Prepare to be force fed Destiny 2, literally. Kellogg’s and Rockstar Energy Drink have announced partnerships with Activision to promote Destiny 2.

If you’re actually a fan of Destiny(seriously, why in the fuck…) you can earn bonus XP from boxes of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. Meanwhile Rockstar Energy will be giving out special gear with each can plus the chance to win prizes, including a Destiny themed bike, through their daily and weekly sweepstakes beginning September 1st.

For everyone else, prepare to have Destiny 2 plastered directly onto your eyeballs until you submit to Activision and buy Destiny 2.

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