No Man’s Sky NEXT Trailer Breakdown

Jul 17, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2134)

No Man’s Sky is now hailed as one of the greatest video game comebacks of all time after Hello Games dropped a trailer for the highly anticipated NEXT update.

There’s a lot to get through here folks but fear not! This article will take you through a breakdown of all the new content that debuted in the NEXT trailer.



I’m going to start off with the obvious. The graphics are scarily realistic in contrast to No Man’s Sky current set up. Grass looks real and the tiniest details on the ships now stick out like a sore thumb; Hello Games have taken visual overhaul up a few notches and it’s a move returning players will appreciate all the while proving No Man’s Sky isn’t a kids game, but an infinite universe full of daunting discoveries to be found.



Throughout the trailer, the main character is surrounded by other players. Multiplayer is the core feature in NEXT and has been at the center controversy since launch as it was absent in the shipped version of the game. It’s unclear how many others we’ll be able to play with although if the Xbox One case is anything to go by we’ll be able to play in teams of four and will be able to take part in missions given out by the “Galactic Commission” onboard your freighter.


Base Building

The first slice of gameplay we see is the player swimming in a lake. Beside him/her is an underwater base amongst a colony of seaweed. This is the first change we see to base building in No Man’s Sky but perhaps the biggest alter is the ability to build without limits meaning if you really wanted to, you could build a sprawling city or a menacing base. “Hundreds” of new base parts have been added to help you on your venture with the ability to own multiple bases. Expect to be visiting player civilizations dotted across the universe.


Multiple Freighters

It’s been confirmed that players will now have the option to command a fleet of freighters using one mothership. Freighters can travel across the galaxy alone or travel with you allowing for total control of distant stars. What’s more, the freighters are customizable which is still a jaded definition but could be referring to the changing of ship colors.



Customisation will allow for players to stand out from their pack with all sorts of characters shown throughout the trailer. It looks like we’ll be able to switch between races too, with a Gek photobombing every scene in the video, even as far to be the last thing shown before the camera panned out to reveal a fleet of ships, topping the trailer off with the conventional outro used in former trailers.


Better Generation

Day in day out people voice their cries of woe directed towards an inadequacy of forests and rivers. Luckily, these absent features were introduced in the same frame when the player skimmed over a body of water that resembled a river. On land, forests could be seen and in great quantity. This isn’t the only change to generation, however; ringed planets have made their debut although we’re not quite sure what that entails yet besides an aethstetic touch.


It was hard to recognize No Man’s Sky as a considerable amount has changed. In fact, in certain parts of the trailer, I was getting a strong Fallout 76 vibe. Regardless, to say I’m excited is an understatement and I can’t wait to meet all of you in No Man’s Sky titanic universe.

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