New BattleCore Arena Update Lands, Includes Ranking System and AI Support

Jul 18, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2028)

Major update rocks BattleCore Arena at its Core

Update has landed for the ball-brawling bundle of zest BattleCore Arena. The update introduces a whole host of new features aimed to spruce up the game.

The first substantial feature is the introduction of AI who fill player slots to ensure fleeting waiting times before matches. AI will automatically adjust themselves accordingly to match your skill level to safeguard effortless victories. To complement our new artificial friends, Cosmic Ray Studios have thrown in a new arena taking place on a convoluted UFO in the process of abducting cows, oblivious of their extraterrestrial fate.

Another major inclusion is the rank system, ultimately bringing a competitive element to BattleCore. There are three distinct ranks: Bronze, Silver, and Gold – each has three sub-ranks adding to a total of 12 ranks. Don’t think you’re ready for competitive matches? Fear not, the fresh training mode will put you through its paces. The lobby UI has a fresh coat of paint making it easier to team up with friends and find specific matches and to top it all off there are 5 new cores and 3 new armor pieces to deck your core with.

In addition to new features come some minor changes including your killers’ name when it matches, the death camera roams the arena, a new loading screen has been introduced amongst translation patches and ‘billions’ of bug fixes. Nerfs and buffs have made an appearance too with the juggernaut getting a significant buff; projectiles now have a larger surface area while their skill cooldown trimmed. Camera shaking is less common and the time to kill an enemy has risen from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds.

BattleCore Arena is out now on Steam.

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307 days 2 hours ago

Posted by JDAWG4LIF3

Okay, this game looks dope as fuck! I can see a lot of potential with the content they can put into it! Pretty sweet!

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