Gamelust QuickieAug 7, 17  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2202)

LawBreakers Arrives a Day Early on Steam.

Bosskey has announced that they’re turning the servers on a few hours early. If you’ve bought the game on Steam you may be able to jump in right away. PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait as the game remains locked until midnight.

Here are the current plans for when Bosskey will turn everything on.

PS4 Europe – 5am PDT / 8am EDT / 2pm CEST
PC Steam Worldwide – 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / Midnight CEST (8/8)
PS4 North America – 9pm PDT / 12am EDT (8/8) / 6am CEST (8/8)



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