For Honor: Marching Fire

Jul 22, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1253)

China's Rath is Coming!

This update brings us some badass action in the form of the Wu Lin faction from China. The great thing about this game is that it receives constant updates that allow the gameplay to improve dramatically. Ubisoft adds four new sweet heroes for us to perform those insanely beautiful power kills. On top of this is the added bonus of a new 4v4 multiplayer mode called breach that is basically an all-out castle siege. There will also be some graphical updates and a new mode that’ll have unlimited PvE content.

When this update is first released, the four new heroes will be available for purchase through a paid bundle. That’s honestly a real shame, but we’ll be able to use Steel to purchase it at a later date. However, the Breach mode will be playable by all gamers as soon as it comes out including three brand new maps, especially for this mode. During the mode, you’ll either be escorting a battering ram to take down the gate or defending the castle trying to take out the battering ram. The update will launch on October 16th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

As a fan and gamer of the For Honor universe, I know that Marching Fire will add some awesome new combat that will change the game completely. I’m always a fan of new factions in games to spice it up. China has been known to have a whole host of different legendary warrior types and weapons that will surely see in-game. I’ve for sure been waiting for a castle siege mode, because that has always been my favorite type of assault in real time strategy games. A mode like this will force players to adopt different tactics than they are used to in order to complete the objectives.

If you haven’t played For Honor yet, you need to try it out asap! A lot of fighting games are just simple hack and slash but not this one. True, it’s hack and slash when fighting the field troops but requires skill, patience, and calculated aggression to defeat foes in this game. See you there everyone! Let me know what you think of this new upcoming game mode in the comment section. Peace!

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