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Apr 3, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2006)

After warping across the internet in search of chatter consisting of No Man’s Sky rumors surrounding the upcoming NEXT update and instead I found a plethora of possible features that could be coming into the game this summer. Here’s a list of gameplay mechanics that people are interested in.


Landing on asteroids

Pre-release an enthusiastic Sean Murray claimed in an interview that landing on asteroids was a possible manoeuvre but that’s not the case in the released version as their only purpose is to collect iron or thanium 9. Changing this would be an odd prospect as they can be useful if you run out of boost and have no spare iron but still wouldn’t it be awesome to land on a floating rock in the middle of a sun-soaked galaxy?


Hacking locked doors

If you’ve ever encountered a manufacturing facility in No Man’s Sky then you’ll know that the only way to enter is through shooting a bunch of times at the door until it magically explodes into tiny, invisible pieces which is all well and good but wears after a while. Wouldn’t it be cool to hack the door via a mini-game? Just an idea.


Big ships

Okay, technically freighters are big ships but wouldn’t it be cool to command a crew in a ship big enough to have a bridge? Yep, Star Trek style full on bridge crew, each member with their own task such as scanning for enemies or controlling the guns. The possibilities here are endless (just like the game).


Voice-activated commands

“Open the bay doors Hal” is one of the many commands you could give your ship if voice activation was added to No Man’s Sky. Refuelling by simply speaking to your exosuit AI would not only save crucial time but would hike the immersion.


Non-space era civilised planets

Let’s face it; the buildings in No Man’s Sky are repetitive and boring but what if we could discover humans who haven’t evolved yet?

A seemingly impossible task but if done right we could see planets like Earth stuck in the Victorian period or perhaps meeting George Washington before the American civil war.


Capture/farm animals

Animal husbandry would go well hand in hand with the current farming system which lets you grow your very own resources to sell off at a hole in the wall on a floating object in space. Why not shove a few animals into it too?


More of that sweet, sweet music

This right here is the greatest tune you will ever hear. I have never seen such a thrilling soundtrack for a game (I mean Far Cry 5 was pretty good but eh).

Please make more and I promise you people will buy the albums because this shit is whack, procedural music? How do you do it and on top of that some great beats like the one above; even if you despise No Man’s Sky I guarantee you the music will tingle your soul.



Prior to launch a series of vines were released by developer Jacob Golding who was shown trying out a VR headset with a catious Murray in the background.

Yet no VR support has been implemented and as community influnces like CobraTV point out, No Man’s Sky is a game that is made for virtual reality and more recently the Waking Titan ARG is pointing to possible support in the upcoming summer update.

So there you have it; a few suggestions from the community worth mentioning and some of these ideas more than likely to become a reality. Got any others? Let us know in the comments.

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