Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition Mods for August

Aug 5, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1253)

It’s time for some upgrades once again! These have been some pretty fun mods to play around with. I hope you guys look at these and try them on out.

The Mudcrab Merchant by MihailMods
Skyrim mod for Xbox One

If you love Mudcrabs and those whiny merchants, you have to visit this fellow right here!

New Weapons by Quadrioters, for Xbox One

Fusillade Grenade Launcher

Projectile Rocket Launcher (RAW Launcher)

Technetronic Personal Defense Weapon

You have three badass weapons here. You receive a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher that fires plasma, pulse, thermal, cryogenic, or nuclear energy, and a personal defense weapon to be very customizable for close quarters.

Dagger Nerevarine by Aksyonov
Skyrim mod for PC and Xbox One

You remember being the badass that you were in TES III right? Well, you can live some of those memories by wielding some sick-looking “Curved blades” in gold. These beauties are found outside of Solitude for your prying eyes.

David Hunter: A Brotherhood Story by Seddon4494
Fallout 4 mod for PC and Xbox One

There’s a battle inside of everyone. This mod explores that by giving you a story to decide if you want to help the Common Wealth as Elder Lyons would’ve wanted or keep all advanced technology to yourself.

Liberty Power Armor by VISaberToothIV
Fallout 4 mod for Xbox One and PC

DEMOCRACY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. This phrase says it all. The power armor you receive from this mod allows you take on the look of Liberty Prime. I’d say it’s of the more badass armor skins in the game.

Wizard’s Laboratory by Rezthebear
Skyrim mod for PlayStation 4

This mod is for all you wizard lovers out there. This house is located at the top left edge of the map near Castle Volkihar. This magical place features the ability to fast travel outside of the home to avoid load screen lag. It also displays a little mushroom house that you can enter for extra mischief!

Hirstaang Estate by Nool78
Skyrim mod for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4

We have yet another house for your leisure time after shooting guards in the knees. This time, its located in a Dunmer house in Raven Rock. If you’re a fan of followers, you’ll enjoy having two more come with this home.

Morrowind Artifacts by Survivor2290

Ancestor’s Ring for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Bonebiter Bow Of Sul-Senipul for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

It seems this month that the mods are pretty Morrowing based. These two mods grant you  a ring that summons the ghost of a Dunmer for all of your slaughtering needs and a bow that happily absorbs your enemy’s stamina.

PAWA – Power Armored Wasteland Adventures by 3lric
Fallout 4 mod for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

You can never have enough improvements and skins for your power armor. This mod gives you many more options in that department. Some new figurines are thrown in just for the fuck it as well.


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