EA Play 2018: Post Conference

Jun 9, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (1985)

EA Wows crowd with latest announcements

This evening we got a glimpse at the future EA’s catalog accompanied with my colorful feed of *comments*; missed the show? Don’t worry, this article will detail the highlights.


Battlefield V will have a battle royale mode

Yes, Battlefield V will feature ‘re-imagined for Battlefield’. Not much is known but we’ll be sure to find out as we inch closer to October 11th. The trailer below showcases the multiplayer mode and teases the Norwegian¬†war story that follows a woman revolting German occupation.


FIFA 19 Release date given

FIFA is back with more footballs than a football factory. EA spared us the details and gave us a September 28th release date. What’s more, the free trial of FIFA 18 now includes the recently released World Cup mode. Soccer fans unite!


EA debut EA Access Premier

Just when you thought EA Access was chic, EA Access Premier comes along to trip it up like a popular bully. The new service will feature the latest in EA’s PC catalog including Battlefield V, Anthem and Unravel 2. EA Access Premier will debut this summer and will cost $14.99 a month and $99.99 a year.


Respawn is working on a Star Wars game.

Alongside working on ‘a bunch of stuff’, Respawn (the devs behind the Titanfall franchise) are working on an unannounced star wars game set during the Jedi’s darkest hour set between episodes 3 and 4. It’s called Jedi: Fallen Order and is arriving Holiday 2019.


Unravel 2

Yarny is back for a second outing but this time he’s brought a friend to aid him on his adventure in a life-size environment. EA surprised fans with a release date of today! That’s right, it’s due out later today.


Sea of Solitude

Viewers were treated to a look at an all-new game called Sea of Solitude. The game follows a young woman who tries to combat loneliness in a world where people have turned into monsters.


NBA Live 19

The latest in the basket-bouncing franchise was given a release date slated for 7th September.


Command and Conquer Rivals

EA’s latest foray into the mobile market is met with a franchise best known for being a game of pure strategy. Android users can download the game today but iOS players will have to hold on just a little longer to experience C&C on the go.


Anthem release date revealed

Anthem is releasing February 22nd, 2019. Gameplay showcased a live demonstration of a mission taking place where the protagonist shoots an alien with a vagina for a head.

That’s all folks! We’ll be writing separate articles for the bigger announcements. Don’t forget to check out our live coverage of E3 here and keep checking back every day for more E3 news!

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