Discord Soft Launches Game Store

Aug 9, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2028)

Discord to add a game marketplace

Discord is now dipping its toes into becoming a storefront with The Discord Store Beta. Rolling out to 50,000 Canadian Discord users, the game store is a place where discordeers can buy a selection of games. What’s more, Nitro users have access to a bundle of games for free – added to their Discord library which also features the ability to quick launch games from other storefronts as seen below:

Discord has also announced an exclusive feature called ‘First on Discord’ which (as the name implies) are titles that are debuting on the Discord storefront before they hit the likes of Steam giving players a hands-on experience. Although the beta doesn’t feature any firsts, there’s no doubt developers will be itching to feature their games as Discord is immensely popular.

At the end of the Medium post, Discord took us through a nostalgia trip back to 2015 when Discord was a wee youngling, thanking users by saying “we really, truly, appreciate all of you. This wouldn’t be possible without your continued support, so again, thank you”. While giving no definite release date for the game store, they did mention they are expanding from 50,000 testers as development progresses.

Discord is free for PC and Mac and hey, why not join our discord server?

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288 days 1 hour ago

Posted by JDAWG4LIF3

That's really smart of them! They have a huge following, and this will for sure gain traction!

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